saraswatichandra 20 Jan 2014 written update

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saraswatichandra 20 Jan 2014 written update

Post by preeti on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:57 pm

saraswatichandra 20th January 2014 Written EpisodeThe Episode starts with Danny asking Pandit ji what happened. The pandit is confused. Vidyachatur asks whats the matter. The pandit says the marriage can happen only after one week. Everyone are happy.Kumudsays dad don’t you think, the mahurat is very soon.Sarassays yes, it can beeven after two three years, I m not in hurry. Everyone smile. Kusum pulls their leg.SarasandKumudarehappy. Dada ji says we will make the marriage happen with all the rituals, tell pandit ji, when should we keep their engagement.Pandit ji says tomorrow evening. Dada ji says so its final. Vidyachatur says how can we do everything so soon. Dada ji says we have full night and full day. Vidyachatur says we have to informNandu andGhuman. Everyone become tensed.Sarassays Kaka, you are my family, no need to call them. Vidyachatur says blood relations don’t break easily, these are the moments when we should forgive, will you marry without yourparents. Danny says even I thoughtabout this, but Kusum and I got married without informing them, they will be shocked knowing it, I don’t want them to show their reaction onKumudandSaras.Yash’s mum says its our mistake, we can’t do it twice. Vidyachatur says yes, atleast this marriage should be in their presence. He calls Laxminandan. Badimaa stops him and says not again, I request you, save Kumud’s happiness, once they get married, I will not stop you. Dada ji gives everyone their works. Yash saysKalikaand I will do everything.Kalikasays yes, Iwill do everything and smiles.Kumudis getting ready in her roomwearing bangles and smiling. Mannke dor…………… plays……………… She jumps around in the room hearing her anklet’s sound. Kusum comes to her and sees her dancing in joy.Kumudlaughs and hugs her.Kumudasks what happened. Kusum says I recollected our childhood. They get emotional. Kusum cries and apologizes. She says i can’t believe I did this with you.Kumudsays I don’t remember everything, I dream about my future, we will stay in the same house with our different worlds, we will be very happy.Kumudasks where is Danny.Kusum says he left me here for engagement preparations, I wish your marriage was today, I can’t wait.Kalikahears the sister’s talk and is jealous seeing them happy. Kusum asks about the pearl.KumudsaysSarashas it. Kusum says take it back.KumudseesKalikaand asks what do you want.Kalikasays I came to ask what to make in food.Kumudsays go and ask Badimaa.Kalikaleaves. Kusum looks on.Kumudcomes to Saras’s room and knocks the door. He says come in She goes in and sees him coming out of the bathroom in a towel. She is shocked. He hides and asks how did you come in. She says you asked me to come in. She sees his clothes on the bed and looks in the cupboard, he asks for his clothes. He says give it to me, else I will come in like this itself. She closes her eyes and gives him the clothes.He asks what are you looking for in the cupboard. She sees asareeandsays I was keeping this back. He asks you might have not got what you were looking for. He says you came to take back the pearl, right. He gives it to her and says you should have asked me once. She ishappy. He says I won’t give you this so easily.Kumudsays I will take the pearl that too before engagement.Sarassays our scores were 2 and 2, but now its me 3 and you 2, do something about this soon else you will have to be after me whole life. She is annoyed. She says its a beautifulsaree. He says its my mum’s. She says very beautiful andsmiles. She asks can I wear thissareein engagement, it will be like she is with us. He says but thissaree. She says fine, I understand. She leaves.Sarasthinks about it.The engagement morning has come. Dada ji is singing songs. Vidyachatur invites guests. Dada ji asks where isSaras. Kusum says he left a message that he will come soon. Dada ji asks Vidyachatut whydid you send Danny for Karkhana work today. Vidyachatur says I did not ask him, Danny insisted as the clients were important.Kalikasees everyone happy and looks at the decorations. She thinks how to spoil everything. She thinks if I get once chance to stop the engagement, I will not leave it. Guniyal asks Badimaa to keep the engagement ring.Kalikathinks about the ring and smiles. Yash falls and scoldsKalika. Guniyal andBadimaa are happy looking at the ring.Kalikasees them and is over confident.Yash’s mum comes and is annoyedseeing the expensive gifts being given toSarasandKumud. She says I won’t forget this partiality.Kalikasees where Badimaa is keeping the ring. Guniyal asks Badimaa not to think about Yash’s mum’s words. They leave from the room.Kalikalooks at them and smiles.Precap:Sarassees his tyre’s punctured.Kalikasmiles as she has done this so thatSarascould not reach the place.

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