saraswatichandra 24 Jan 2014 Written update

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saraswatichandra 24 Jan 2014 Written update

Post by jyo06 on Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:42 pm

The Episode starts with Saras telling Badimaa that
Kumud took the fake pearl as I still have the real
pearl. Badimaa laughs. Yash hears them talking and
smiles. Kumud looks at the pearl and thinks why it
is not shining. Yash comes to her and says Saras
kept a fake one for you which you got. Kumud says
is this fake one, but I looked around everywhere,
where did he keep it. Yash says I heard Saras and
Badimaa talking, he kept the pearl close to his heart
that means in his shirt’s pocket. Saras comes home
and sees everyone having a talk.
Vidyachatur asks Saras to call Danny and ask him
to come soon. Saras says fine. Kumud makes
laddus and Badimaa says it tastes great. Kumud
offers the laddus to everyone. Saras looks around
for Kumud. Yash talks to Saras and asks did you
meet Kumud. Saras says no. He says I think you
should meet her. Saras bumps into Kumari. Kumari
says sorry and asks him to change his shirt. Saras
comes to Kumud and sees Kumud crying. He asks
what happened, why are you crying. She says I
don’t know. He says enough, are you afraid, did
anyone tell you anything, tell me. She cries. He
says did you feel bad that I did not tell you before
leaving. She says yes, but when I came to know the
reason I was not angry.
She hugs him and tries to take the pearl from his
pocket. She gets the pearl and smiles. He says I
promise I will never let you be alone. She says now
I m fine, you go, I want to be alone. He asks what
happened. She shows him the pearl and laughs. He
runs after her and holds her hand to stop her. He
says cheating in love. She says its all fair in love
and war. He says I will take it back. She says show
me by taking it. He says you can’t steal it, give my
pearl back to me. Kumud runs. Vidyachatur laughs
seeing them. Saras runs to take the pearl.
She says Dada ji gave it to me. Kalika smiles seeing
them. Saras asks Badimaa not to help Kumud as
she stole the pearl from him. Kumud gives the pearl
to Kumari. Saras looks at her and smiles. He say
Kumari……… see give me the pearl. Kumari says no.
Saras says come on, give it to me. She says no,
and runs. He says you were in my team right. She
says I changed the party. Yash catches Kumari.
Kumari says its Kumud’s now. Yash tickles Kumari
and she does not have the pearl. Kumud shows that
the pearl is still with her. Saras runs after her again.
Mann ke dor…………….. plays……………….. Saras says
give me the pearl else. She says else what, Methi
ka Laddu. She says I won’t give it. She says you will
regret if I take it back. She bumps into Yash’s mum
and gets scolding from her. Everyone looks on. The
pearl falls. Saras looks at it. Kusum says Didi the
pearl. Kumud and Saras runt o take it. Everyone are
excited to see who gets it. They even bet on the
winner. Everyone smile. They cheer for Kumud and
Saras. Kalika is also happy seeing them for the first
time. Kusum says great to see this.
Saras cheats and gets the pearl. Dada ji laughs.
Saras is the winner. Kumud says see this is
cheating. Saras says someone said everything is
fair in love and war. He smiles and shows the pearl
to everyone.
Kumud says you stole it. Saras says even you did
it. Kumud says you started it. They have a sweet
argument and everyone enjoy their talk. She says if
you don’t give it to me, I won’t talk to you. Saras
says Dada ji, my day will be peaceful today.
Everyone laughs. Kumud is annoyed and says I will
talk to only my team members. Saras says fine.
Kalika supports Kumud . Vidyachatur says I m on
Kumud’s side too. Kumud says go to Saras. Saras
says Kusum, who has the pearl. Kusum says with
Saras. Saras shows the pearl to Kumud and says
its with me, it means I will rule in our house.
He says I have to go. She says even I have to go.
He says go. Saras leaves smiling. Kusum says
Saras won. Kalika smiles. Kusum asks Kalika are
you fine today. Kalika says yes, why. Kalika thinks
what she is doing will make everyone unwell.
Saras talk to Danny. Kumud and Saras have an
argument again. Everyone discuss about Saras and
Kumud. Yash’s mum asks Kalika why are you so
sweet towards Kumud. Kalika says we will get
sweets soon and smiles. Kusum says we will send
Saras and Kumud out together, they will talk then.
Vidyachatur says where. Yash says for a movie.
Kumari says lets send them somewhere far.
Vidyachatur says I will send them stating some
work. Badimaa says they won’t go, think of
something else. Kumari says Chandu Halwai.
Kumud and Saras come and hear this.
Badimaa is worried that Kumud and Saras did not
come home

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